Through the underworld

Tonight was Michele’s first shot at gamemastering an RPG. For several weeks, she has been hard at work researching and assembling an adventure for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.
I am of course quite biased, but it was brilliant. She incorporated a slew of Egyptian mythology, mingling it with the Cthulhu setting and sending our characters through the mythical Egyptian underworld. This underworld, however, was malfunctioning badly due to the ravages of Cthulhian entities. We had to find a way to escape the underworld by traveling through its guarded gates and facing the great serpent Apophis. I’ve never played a CoC game (or any game, for that matter) even remotely like it–Egyptian mythology, despite its popular appeal, is a surprisingly uncommon theme in RPGs–but by Hathor, it worked. After the adventure, we (the players) were just stunned, and immediately began grilling Michele about all the interesting Egyptian-mythology aspects of the adventure. It was also spooky as heck–travelling through the lightless underworld will do that for you–and our characters had their usual fun losing Sanity points left and right.
I’ll try to convince her to post some of her notes, or maybe a basic summary, over at her blog. I hope Michele enjoyed GMing, because as soon as she gets back from Israel, she’s going to be roped into running a sequel adventure for us.

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