Another Michele update

Things seem to be going well for Michele at Ashkelon. She’s told me a number of pretty humorous stories (my favorite being an incident in which the excavation was closed down for a few hours because a “drunk Russian” was scaring people away from the dig site), but I’m resisting the urge to the post them in the hopes that Michele will write up a complete report when she gets back. It sounds like they’re finding some interesting artifacts there–the other day, they found an amulet with the insignia of the Egyptian pharaoh (is there any other kind of pharaoh?) Thutmosis III.
It doesn’t seem that email or Web access is going to happen for her, unfortunately. And the postal connection between the U.S. and Israel is not proving to be exceptionally speedy. But she is receiving some mail and says “hi” to y’all.
Two weeks down, five to go…

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2 thoughts on “Another Michele update

  1. michele

    Hi there! I have a few precious minutes of internet but not enough to post at my own blog. Things are going fine here–no new anecdotes since the drunk Russian incident. I’m a few minutes away from heading back for pottery washing.
    Off to check more blogs…

  2. michele

    hi again! My roommate from Tennesse is pleased at your usage of the term y’all. We need a plural second person pronoun, right?

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