Kansas and back

For three strange days, I couldn’t put a smile on my face… –School of Fish

It’s been an unusual and somewhat difficult week for us. Michele’s grandmother passed away this last weekend, and so we found ourselves making a last-minute trip out to Kansas for the funeral in the middle of the week.
I didn’t know Michele’s grandmother very well, but by all accounts she was a wonderful person. She had been struggling with various health issues over the last year, so most of the family (including her, I think) had time to mentally prepare. There was a lot of sadness at the funeral, but also a lot of confidence in the knowledge that she is at home with the Lord.
Michele was going to stay in Kansas longer to assist with the post-funeral duties, but rumors of an approaching ice storm that might ground the Kansas City airport prompted her to come home sooner than planned. So we’re both back now.

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