Did I ever mention that I hate the beat poets?

Just in case you were wondering: the worst song ever recorded is not, in fact, Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping.” It is the version of REM’s “Star Me Kitten” in which William S. Burroughs (coincidentally the worst writer in the history of literature) reads some sort of whacked-out poem inspired by a Marlene Dietrich song.
It’s… unlistenable.
Just in case you were wondering.

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4 thoughts on “Did I ever mention that I hate the beat poets?

  1. jrau

    Topher, would you like me to begin with the music itself, or with the lyrics? 😉
    Glad to hear somebody else agrees with me, Brit. I played the first ten seconds of that song for Michele, who isn’t possessed by the same hatred of beat poets that I am, and she made me turn it off.

  2. michele

    I like that song because I could never understand the chorus and thought it said “I get no towels/to dry me off again/everybody bring me towels.”

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