The ultimate GM screen?

Now this is a real GM screen!

I spotted it while browsing a thread on the Call of Cthulhu forums at I’d love to get ahold of an evocative screen like that for use in CoC games–I don’t currently have a CoC-specific GM screen, and this would be perfect. Unfortunately, the designer’s website seems to be down and the hopeful email I sent to them bounced back.

Seeing a beautiful screen like this does make me wish that RPG publishers would put just a bit more effort into their GM screens. Most GM screens published today are functional, but not much else–and more than a few suffer from being too flimsy (or lacking important tables and information). That said, I am quite fond of the GM screens published for White Wolf’s latest World of Darkness games; I wish all screens were as sturdy.

Maybe the next CoC GM screen will be as sturdy and evocative as the one linked above. A GM can hope, right?

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