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There’s a rule for that: a spell by any other name

Some time ago, I ran a very (very!) short-lived tumblr called There’s a Rule for That in which I posted unusual and/or ridiculous rules I came across in roleplaying (and other) games. I hadn’t thought about that for a while, but after coming across this gem, I’m officially reviving this as an every-now-and-then series here […]

For Ed…

…who had to see to believe: But then again, that is a suspiciously blurry photo. The seeds of conspiracy have been planted! by

Don’t be a nerd—listen to Officer Byrd

I was pleasantly surprised after my last post (so very long ago, I’m afraid) to learn that so many of you remembered Cal Worthington, his dog Spot, and the ubiquitous television ads which made him a part of my childhood. But imagine my joy when I discovered this morning that, thanks to the internet, yet […]

Darth Vader is Luke’s father (spoiler alert!)

I don’t go to many concerts, but oh, how many times I’ve wanted to write a variant of this brilliant letter upon leaving the movie theater. My particular curse is not the annoying music fan, but the Guy Who Narrates Everything That Happens in the Movie to his girlfriend/wife, a tragic woman who apparently is […]

You’re gonna love the Nam

This is quite amusing and well-done. That scene in Platoon, by the way, is one of the Andy’s Favorite Film Moments. I suspect that if I were to watch the film again today, it would come across as heavy-handed and overly dramatic. But when I first saw it back in college… wow. The slow-motion shot […]

Watch your head, TK-421

This is probably old news to most of you, but on the off chance that a few of you have not seen this priceless Star Wars blooper, I must post it. During the escape-from-the-Death-Star sequence midway through the film, a group of stormtroopers comes through a door; watch the one on the right closely: It […]

I’ve missed my calling

Why am I content to sit here, blogging in our west Michigan apartment, when I could be writing books like this? If this were the late 1970s, there would also be a boxed wargame (with 1500 playing chits) detailing this exact scenario. I’m halfway tempted to create it myself. (Spotted at the Judge a Book […]

“It’s behaving itself perfectly”

This must be somebody’s idea of a joke. They couldn’t have thought of a different name for that? by

It’s the question that drives us

Spotted on Wikipedia: Admit it: now you’re curious. by

I’m the [expletive deleted] Batman!

I’ve been in a comic-book mood lately, and so have spent the last week or so working on a blog post about Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, the story that brilliantly redefined the Batman character and had a tremendous impact on the entire superhero-comics industry. The Dark Knight Returns is an amazing piece of […]