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I’m the [expletive deleted] Batman!

I’ve been in a comic-book mood lately, and so have spent the last week or so working on a blog post about Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, the story that brilliantly redefined the Batman character and had a tremendous impact on the entire superhero-comics industry.
The Dark Knight Returns is an amazing piece of work, and the challenge has been simply trying to sufficiently convey its coolness within the confines of a blog post.
All was going well. My enthusiasm for everybody’s favorite caped vigilante had never been higher. The blog post in praise of DKR was nearing completion. And then… then I saw this [caution: strong language].
I think… I think I’m going to have to shelve that DKR post while I take some time to think about what all this means.

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Ignorance is no excuse!

Spotted on an online forum:

I realize that I might have offended some people, but I think this needs to be said. I’m tired of radiation getting a bad reputation. We are constantly bombarded with radiation in our everyday lives, only it’s such a small amount that the exposure is nominal. Ignorance is no excuse to perpetuating myths of radiation. –some forum poster

Radiation’s always getting a bad rap!

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Foucault’s pendulum swings back

Everybody wants an apology these days. Now even the Templars want the official “Sorry ’bout that” from the Vatican. I propose that we cut a deal: the Church officially apologizes to the Knights Templar, and in return they reveal where they’ve been hiding the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Philosopher’s Stone. Sounds fair to me!

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