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Local comic book store owner shot

Wow. Reading this in the local newspaper this weekend was a bit of a shock: KENTWOOD — Friends of a comic-book store owner shot in an apparent robbery said they can’t understand why the shop would be a target. David Pirkola is in critical but stable condition in a local hospital, said Stephen Jahner, who […]

A superhero house divided

Over the holiday weekend, I had the privilege of traveling to Missouri, there to visit with Mark and family. While packing up for the trip, I found myself faced with that most difficult of questions: what to bring along as reading material for the plane flight? None of the usual suspects appealed, so I decided […]

Aquaman, we hardly know ye

Good thoughts over at Erratica on why some superheroes have found lasting fame, while others (Ant-man, I’m looking at you) have languished unnoticed despite the best efforts of their creators to make them all equally compelling. by