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Religious strategy

A new post over at the Empires of Steel developer’s diary offers some interesting thoughts about incorporating religion into strategy games. by

World of Xenophobia

Another odd but somehow entertaining piece about the problem of “Chinese farmers” in World of Warcraft. Articles about “gold farming” and other bizarre MMORPG issues have been popping up frequently lately. The latest iteration is that some legitimate Chinese Warcraft players are being shunned by suspicious Western players, who assume that the Chinese players are […]

Recycling games

Brace yourself, my friends, for a rant. Saw an interesting piece this week at The Escapist about the importance of used-game sales in keeping computer/video game shops like EBGames and Gamestop alive. Here’s a rather eye-opening factoid: GameStop executives describe this as a “margin growth” business – because they make a much higher profit margin […]

Welcome to the world of Warcraft

It was with some trepidation that I took my first uncertain steps into the wide wide World of Warcraft. An entire online world, waiting to be explored–quests to undertake, magical artifacts to discover, exotic locales to visit. Questions gripped me as I logged in, created my character, and ventured out into the icy mountain wastes […]

On Starcraft and strategy

Brit has a good post up about a tricky design decision that goes into computer strategy games: the question of attack concentration. Pardon the lengthy quote, but here’s the section that particularly caught my attention: If grouping units together increases their power, it means there is an incentive to group units together and a disincentive […]

Where there’s a buck to be made

Massively-multiplayer sweatshops. I’m not sure exactly whether this is funny, disturbing, or just downright bizarre. by

Into the mouth of (massively multiplayer) madness

Earlier this month, my resistance finally broke down and I ventured into the world of online RPGs. My poison of choice is Guild Wars, which lured me in with its lack of monthly fees. So far it has been a great deal of fun. It’s easy to play, and lets you jump right into the […]

“Which way were we supposed to go, again?”: Information management in computer RPGs

I haven’t been doing too much computer gaming lately, but the one game I’ve been slowly working my through over the last few months is Morrowind, a fantasy RPG that had the misfortune of hitting store shelves at about the same time as Neverwinter Nights a few summers ago. Morrowind is, thus far, a very […]

I have failed you for the last time

In looking back over the ol’ blog, I realize that I failed to deliver my promised discussion of scary computer games. That’s what happens when you violate Blogging Rule #37 (“Never Make Rash Promises About Future Posts”). Ah well–it’s a topic that interests me, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I discuss it at some […]

With apologies to C.S. Lewis

Dear Mr. Asmodeus, As you know, I was recently contracted by the Higher Powers to conduct an independent audit of Hell’s operations and security in the aftermath of last week’s incident (hereafter “The Incident”). I refer to the events of last Monday, when a lone Space Marine gained entry to Hell and, in the course […]