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The walls of this 10×10 chamber are adorned with…

When my wife and I finally made the choice to became real Americans (i.e. go tens of thousands of dollars into debt to buy a house), one of my requirements was that said house have some sort of subterranean chamber which I could convert into a basement game room. One year later, my game lair […]

Can you identify this MYSTERY GAMING ARTIFACT?


Coming up for air

I’m still knee-deep in the Month of Weddings and Vacations, so not much gaming is going on beyond the occasional window of World of Warcraft. Writing on my WoAdWriMo adventure is coming along, albeit more slowly than I had hoped. It turns out actually writing an adventure that can be used by others–as opposed to […]

Laying down the Laws

Here’s a fun interview with gamemastering-guru Robin Laws. by

Malleus maleficarum

Ha! You suckers feverishly clicked on this link thinking it was going to be about the infamous 15th-century witch-hunting manual, but in reality this is just another one of those “life update” type posts that, ubiquitous as they are, threaten to drag the entirety of the interweb down into the abyss of self-absorbed tedium. So […]

Holiday linkage

A quick roundup of some links and thoughts you may find interesting. Extended RotK: I was all set to blog about my thoughts on the extended Return of the King, and then realized that Polytropos seems to share my exact opinions and has already posted an insightful essay detailing them. (Short summary of my views: […]

Catching up

I’m getting caught up on my blog reading. Here are a few noteworthy items I’ve come across lately, for your perusal: Bill has written an excellent essay on prayer and miracles. Fun article on how D&D changed the world. (Side note: have you seen the new 30th anniversary coffee table book? It looks pretty neat-o.) […]

Because it needs to be said


Redesign fever and other miscellanea

Wow, it seems that everybody has been feeling the need to shake things up lately, blog-design-wise. Kim, Jon, Bill, me and now Michele. And I’m probably forgetting to mention somebody else. I’m sitting in my hotel room now, where somehow the wireless network is reaching six floors up and providing me with internet* access. Tomorrow […]

Rainy Saturday

Instead of a longer post today, I’ll fire off a few miscellaneous items for your reading enjoyment. I really enjoy Penny Arcade’s occasional “Cardboard Tube Samurai” comic strips. I think the most recent two part strip is especially good. Great stuff. (And as an unrelated side note, “occasional” is one of those words that I […]