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Exploring the wreckage of a more interesting age: when game backstories overshadow the actual game

Have you ever played a game whose backstory was more interesting than the game’s actual current setting and plot?

Getting Tolkien into the sandbox, cont'd

Randall at RetroRoleplaying has written an interesting post on doing “save the world” fantasy in a sandbox setting in response to my own post on the subject. He argues that it can be done, and lays out how to do it. Go give it a read! by

Weekend game report: halfling zombie edition

I ran a game of Castles & Crusades on Friday evening for my wife and a friend. I realized two things: It’s not a good idea to GM when the only thing keeping you conscious is a melange of cold medications. C&C is pretty darn close to my perfect ideal of Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve […]

Why was there no classic campaign for Middle-Earth Role Playing?

Writing my last post on epic adventure paths in D&D got me thinking about some of the most famous adventure sagas in other roleplaying systems. Consider these famous game campaigns, all of which are considered to encapsulate the essence of the games for which they were published: D&D: the A-G-Q series of modules Pendragon: The […]

Sandbox gaming vs. adventure paths: in defense of highly narrative adventures

The distinction between “sandbox” and “storyline” D&D modules has always stood out. Here are some of the reasons I like those much-reviled, railroady, choice-restricting adventure paths!

For that much money, it had better come with a clone of Gary Gygax to GM it for me

In which I learn that only the rich can explore the Temple of Existential Evil.

Cool gaming finds #2: Space Master extravaganza!

My last post recounted one of my favorite used-game-store discoveries. Here’s another one, which differs from the last story in that it involves a game I might actually play someday.

Unexpected gaming finds: a journey into the dark heart of Cyborg Commando

There are few things more fun than browsing through a big used game collection at a hobby store—you never know what you’re going to find. I found an awesome surprise in the pages of Cyborg Commando, of all things.

I fought the law, and the law rolled a natural 20: staying off the grid in an RPG

If you’re a character in a roleplaying game, chances are you’re wanting by a government that doesn’t understand why you had to firebomb that warehouse full of cultists. So how do the PCs stay “off the grid”?

The coolest RPG sourcebook I can't bring myself to buy

One of my previous jobs exposed me to a lot of different religious websites. Most of these were perfectly respectable websites by perfectly respectful people, but there were a few I came across that were… well, a good ways down the road to crazyland. One of the websites I came across—and I’ll leave it as […]