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Bring on the Singularity

Reason Magazine (which I’m finding to be an increasingly good online read lately) has an interesting interview with Vernor Vinge about the Singularity and related topics. Very thought-provoking stuff. The whole concept of the Singularity is, my wife assures me, crazy; but it’s a fascinating idea nonetheless. Anyway, if you, like me, eagerly anticipate the […]

“It’s behaving itself perfectly”

This must be somebody’s idea of a joke. They couldn’t have thought of a different name for that? by

First impressions: Federation and Empire

Last week I had the chance to play Federation and Empire, a wargame set in ADB’s Star Fleet Universe. Whereas Star Fleet Battles depicts battles between individual starships, F&E depicts strategic-scale conflict between warring star empires. Each player controls one or more empires (the Federation, the Romulans, the Klingons, etc.); during your own turn, you […]

Calling the Exterminator

As you can see, I’m still learning the ropes. But here’s a front and back picture of Battletech miniature painting attempt #2, an Exterminator: The lighting in the photos is not the greatest; in real life, there’s a slightly more prominent metallic sheen, and there’s some dark-brown undercarriage coloring visible. (You’ll just have to take […]

ASL + SFB = the apocalypse is imminent

Time to set the Doomsday Clock ahead another minute: the company behind Star Fleet Battles is hard at work on Star Fleet Assault, a ground combat game set in the Star Fleet universe. As I speak, the 400-page Star Fleet Battles rulebook and several Advanced Squad Leader tomes are weighing down a bookshelf in the […]

Happy New Year; or, a watched Battletech miniature never dries

Happy New Year! Now that the holiday craziness is over, it’s back to Real Life (and, hopefully, regular posting). So what did you do to celebrate New Year’s Eve? A night on the town, perhaps, waiting for the ball to drop at midnight? Or maybe you got together for an evening of bacchanalian festivities with […]

Oh, thou! in Hellas deem’d of heavenly birth

How can you not love a book that presents, with a perfectly straight face, the following two lines The man gaped at her. “Are the apes after Kenny? I knew something like this would happen.” — p. 134 Doyle kept his face impassive, but his mind was racing. God help us, it’s Romany again, he […]

Why weren’t the Clone Wars cooler?

The portrayal of the Clone Wars in the Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3 has long bothered me. Long, long ago, when I first watched Star Wars and heard crazy old Ben Kenobi’s offhand reference to the Clone Wars (in which he had served alongside Anakin Skywalker, the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy!), […]

Playing Star Wars like it's actually, you know, Star Wars

While browsing the fora today, I came across a link to a great essay by Steve Darlington on how to run a Star Wars RPG in the spirit of the movies. Even if you’re not a gamer, the essay has a lot of good observations as to what makes the films so immensely enjoyable. […]