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Remembering Tony Jay

Earlier this month, voice-actor Tony Jay passed away from cancer. Chances are you’ve heard his voice in a video game at some point in the last decade; his IMDB page lists out the various projects to which he lent his very memorable voice. I first read about Jay after playing Planescape: Torment (which boasted an […]

How to kill a (video game) boss

The Guardian published a fun piece yesterday about end-of-level bosses in video games. The author lists five basic strategies for successfully beating a tough game boss (keep moving, watch for a pattern shift when the boss hits 25% health, etc.) Good tips. Good bosses can really add to the fun of a game, just as […]

The journey or the destination?

Interesting post over at Kotaku about the restrictions that video games put on players. Do video games focus too much on enforcing “rules of gameplay” and fail to give players the freedom they enjoy in other “real life” activities? And if so, is that unhealthy for the players? What should we expect to get out […]

Is something wrong with the ESRB?

1UP has an interesting and balanced piece on the current debate over the ESRB (the organization that assigns ratings to video games). As you’re probably aware, the rather spectacular “Hot Coffee” incident, which involved the discovery of inappropriate (and inaccessible without a special hack) hidden content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, kicked off an all-new wave of criticism […]