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Why Battletech and Star Fleet Battles rock

Jeff Rients has a great post about what makes Battletech and Star Fleet Battles so much fun to play. They’re two quite different games, but they share some traits that have kept them popular even 30+ years after they first hit the market. Jeff hits on a couple points I hadn’t considered, one of which […]

Drawing moral lines in wargaming

One of the first events I attended at Origins this summer was a small roundtable discussing the topic of ethics in gaming. How should one approach dark, evil, or morally ambiguous themes in a roleplaying game? Of the three forum participants, I recognized two as having written game material that would have, back in the […]

Looking at Origins

I’ve put a few photos from the Origins convention online. Nothing too exciting–they’re mostly photos from the “war room” and the ASL area–but have a look if you’re interested. by

Battletech blogging

I note that the Battletech developers have a blog in which they’re discussing the upcoming Battletech overhaul. Among the items that caught my eye is the mention of an upcoming revised version of the Mechwarrior RPG, renamed the Classic Battletech RPG. That’s great news–I was afraid the RPG side of the Battletech line was going […]

Sunday evening story hour: "Gimme back those frigates!"

A Sunday evening game story for you, if you will. Pull up a chair while I recount a harrowing tale of defeat and revenge… in the cold depths of space! Over the last several weeks, I’ve been playing a Star Fleet Battles campaign with a friend. A campaign is a series of linked scenarios that […]

Battletech reborn?

Looks like the Battletech (er, that’s “Classic Battletech” these days) line is getting a pretty major reboot later this year. That’s very welcome news–they’ve been publishing some decent books for the game over the last few years, but I’ve gotten the feeling that the game has been in a limbo of sorts while its sister […]