Christmas time is here

It’s been a busy few days, between Christmas errands and wedding stuff. I left nearly all of my Christmas shopping until the last minute. My mother caught me while I was shopping for her, but that way she could try on the shirt I was getting for her and confirm that she liked it, so it worked out well. I had my first dress fitting yesterday, which was quite fun. We bought the dress last September, after about two days of shopping. I thought I’d spend a lot more time on it and make sure I had exactly the perfect one, but it only takes a couple of hours before every puffy white dress starts looking like every other puffy white dress.
We went to my cousins’ house for dinner last night. One cousin is going to play the harp at the wedding, and the other is going to be a greeter. Today I went out with Mom to do more registry stuff at Target–that was a lot of fun too. Tonight is church, and tomorrow, of course, is Christmas. A very merry Christmas to all, and a happy, prosperous, and peaceful new year!

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