weekend weirdness

How many consecutive posts can I have with W as the initial letter?
Remember Amy? On Saturday, I got a call from Amy herself. It seems that her old phone number, now ours, had come out in some directory connected to a business she used to run. She wanted to know if we could give people trying to contact her her new phone number. A little weird, but I agreed, and wrote her number down on a small scrap of paper like I do with all addresses, phone numbers, and other such info, which soon disappear into some paper-scrap oblivion.
I sometimes learn interesting things from the Sunday Grand Rapids Press. This weekend, I learned that the John Birch Society is still in existence. I was previously familiar with this society only from Bob Dylan’s eponymous Paranoid Blues. They think that Rush is too liberal, and they don’t regard the Michigan Militia as militaristic (an unmilitaristic militia? Maybe it’s just a bridge club with a colorful name?). The accompanying picture includes a sign reading “Get US out! of the United Nations.” Andy and I have been driving past a sign like that on the way to Chicago for the last several years, but in the past year it’s changed from a homemade one to a snazzy new one like the one in this picture–maybe the JBS is gaining influence?

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  1. The Amy situation sounds like that prank call routine where you call a number and ask “Is Hector there?”, and when they so “no”, act miffed and hang up. Call a few more times, asking for Hector again, and they will get increasingly angry as you keep pestering them for Hector.
    Then, of course, wait a little while, and call back and say “Hello, this is Hector. Have there been any calls for me?”
    Get it?

  2. michele says:

    Ha ha. To which the correct response is, “Sorry, s/he left for Chicago an hour ago.”

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