walk to waco

The title is kind of a stretch–was trying to think of a title relating to travel which started with a W, and this was the first thing I thought of. I believe that phrase is contained in the movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly which I think I saw once, but all I remember is a gallows sitting in the middle of a parched desert. Very surreal. And I might be totally making that up since I can’t find confirmation anywhere. But I always think this phrase has something to do with It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, maybe because of the big W contained in that movie. But enough about W.
Had planned to talk about my upcoming trip, but first another movie digression. I watched Adam’s Rib last night, and enjoyed it. I thought the couple’s relationship and the problems they experienced were quite believable. Couple of time-period related things: At the beginning of the movie, when various female characters were applauding a woman’s decision to shoot her unfaithful husband, I kept pausing the movie to tell Andy “See, women are very irrational and emotional, and believe that lashing out violently is an appropriate response.” Also, it seems that hitting one’s wife wasn’t illegal in 1949. Icky.
Okay, back to the impending journey. There’s really nothing to say about a trip that hasn’t happened yet, is there, since by definition nothing has happened yet. So scratch that. Except one interesting thing I’ve noted is that people start asking you if you’re packed yet way early. If I packed that long before time to go, I’d just have to unpack everything again so I can use it. So no, I’m not packed yet.

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  1. alan says:

    Godspeed, Michele. Come back safe and sound!

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