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Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!
Two years ago today, Andy and I got engaged. Happy engagement day, us!
I’m not good at keeping up with my list o’links…but I must direct you to some remarkably good reading material at the freewheelin’ and at Enchilada Relaunch. Actually there has been a lot of good blogging going on lately, but I need to save some links for later…in case I still can’t think of any original ideas to write about.
In other news, we have at long last begun dealing with wedding pictures–scanning and such. It would be rash to make any promises, but it is within the realm of possibility that some might be put online some time soon. Better late than never, that will be my epitaph (no wait! that’s terrible. Never mind.)

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  1. KDC says:

    Exactly what you want for an epitaph – witty and to the point.

  2. sweeta-iq says:

    Sorry, but what is kimerikas?

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