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It’s interesting the way extremes start to become each other. Here’s Barbara Ehrenreich, proposing to disenfranchise anybody who votes Republican by demanding a recall of the duly elected President (or instigating a bloody coup, it’s quite ambiguous what exactly she’s proposing here), should he turn out to be a Republican. This is on behalf of disenfranchisement of minority voters, since she’s already decided any Republican victory will necessarily have been the result of fraudulent…disenfranchisement. (Already tired of that word). I’m not sure of the point of the part of her article where she tries to determine what institution will give the official word re. election fraud, since it’s clear the issue has already been decided.
Apparently, I’ve sunk low enough to start attacking The Progressive, ordinarily much too easy a target. See what this election is doing to me?!?
(In order to attempt to maintain my bipartisan status, I’ll be looking for some conservative commentator to get exasperated with next.)

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  1. Jeff says:

    Don’t be too disheartened. There are plenty of nuts on both sides of the aisle. They are naturally polarized by each other. Remember Ron Kurtenbach? Talk about a minority. That guy had to be the nuttiest nut in the nut tree just to balance the nut scale.
    And, we can complain all we want that our electoral system isn’t fair. Good grief, a democrat’s vote hasn’t counted for much in Nebraska for decades, but there are places where the reverse is true. So no, it’s not fair, but at least it’s not fair for everyone concerned.
    If this election stuff begins to be too much I simply suggest leaving the country until it’s over. I get to pick and choose what I read and hear. Ahh..salad bar politics…a guy can dream. 🙂

  2. michele says:

    I do indeed remember Ron Kurtenbach, in fact I googled him recently because if anybody on the planet should have a web site, it’s him! But in some (cyber)cosmic injustice, he doesn’t. I did find some other funny stuff though.
    You’re right about the nut cases, and in the current environment over here everybody gains +5 nut-case points every time they open their mouths or start tapping a keyboard. Soon, this election will be over…

  3. Jeff says:

    I kind of think the number of nuts has never really changed. It’s just that more of them have learned how to type. I blame AOL. They have made it too easy for people to get online and spout their various brands of nuttiness. I remember the good ole days when, if you wanted to send an email, you had to type in about 300 characters to a dos prompt, then wait three years, then hope no one called you or picked up the phone in the other room, and then…your little 1200 baud modem would walk your email across town for you. It was slow and inefficient and confusing…and we liked it!
    Anyway, I believe Ron had a website for a while. There is probably some political reason he doesn’t. Perhaps it wasn’t his…just someone doing one on him. Well, I hope he’s still out there expropriating the expropriators. 🙂

  4. michele says:

    I heard about that group of slimeballs during my increased NPR listening of the last few days. Another good reason to register independent (like me!)–they won’t be able to tell whether they should try to suppress my registration or not.

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