It’s a Pepsi holiday

Don’t you think that would be a good advertising campaign for Pepsi? Kind of sacrilegious though. Unless it didn’t refer to Christmas, but a new holiday centered around Pepsi. I see a very ambitious campaign coming out of this idea.
I’ve been having all kinds of good PR ideas lately. For example, as we were walking through the Grand Rapids airport on Monday, I thought of a new tourism campaign for Grand Rapids: “It’s Time for Grand Rapids.” The campaign would involve lots of clocks all over the city, decorated to represent various local things of interest. (“Things” of interest, now you understand why I don’t work in tourism). It would be like those cows in Chicago and Kansas City, or the famous Bicycles of Lincoln, Nebraska.
Anyway, all of these valuable ruminations were sparked by my purchase of a Holiday Spice Pepsi today. It was like eating a cinnamon candy and drinking a Pepsi at the same time, something I never would have thought of doing, but I guess the Pepsi people did. It was okay, but I’m ready to take an offical stand against this proliferation of soda flavors. Sure, cherry and vanilla colas are tasty, but Pitch Black Mountain Dew? Just not a good idea at all. They should have come to me: so you want a successor to Mountain Dew? How about Prairie Thunderstorm? or Steppic Seasonal Precipitation? I have all sorts of great meteorological soda concepts.

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  1. Jeff says:

    As if Grand Rapids really needs a PR campaign. I mean really…the appeal is right in the name. Grand…who wouldn’t want to go somewhere grand? And rapids…rapids are fun and exciting…maybe even a little dangerous. Unlike Hell, Michigan, Grand Rapids doesn’t need to work too hard to lure tourists.
    There are far too many flavors in the world in general. While I was back in the states for a short time I heard about something called Jones Soda. Now, let me tell you, what I heard sounds truly awful. The now offer flavors that represent real food, such as mashed potato. Now, you might think it’s just a joke and the “mashed potato” really tastes like lemon or something nice. Ohh…how wrong you would be. These are right up the Harry Potter jellybean alley. (although I rather enjoyed the grass flavored bean) I’m in favor of exotic flavors. I like that the local ice cream place has 50 zillion flavors. You have to try the pumpelmuse (grapefruit) if you ever get the chance. But, ya know, even with Coke or Pepsi, it’s all gotten to be a bit much. I’m really quite capable of squeezing a lemon or pouring a bit of vanilla in my Coke. It’s not rocket science. And as for that Black Mountain Dew…makes me think of Penzoil. Somehow I don’t think that was the effect they were going for.

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