carry on

The flood of spam comments continues, but we refuse to be intimidated.
I am heading home to Nebraska tomorrow for a week, while Andy holds down the fort here. Looking forward to seeing the family and friends, and also looking forward to getting back here to celebrate our second Christmas as married people. Weirdly, the predicted weather in Nebraska is a lot like the weather in California: sunny and in the 50s.
It’s nice being at home all day again, though school work is coming along somewhat slowly. I’m taking my Hebrew stuff (not very nice of me to make some poor airport employees hoist my Biblica Hebraica Stutgartensia (what a ridiculous name), lexicon, and the dreaded Lambdin textbook around, but then I trucked them back and forth from campus often enough, so I know it can be done) and my pottery forms to memorize, and now that I’ve told everyone this, maybe I’ll feel shamed into doing something with it.

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