St. Patrick’s Day is coming: who cares?

For several months I have been made to feel more bemused than festive by the unseasonably early onset of the various holiday seasons. I did not feel like purchasing Halloween candy in August, Santa-themed gift items in late October, Valentine’s Day paraphernalia in early January, or St. Patrick’s Days stuff…at any time, really. I’m a St. Patrick’s Day agnostic, I guess. The man himself is pretty interesting, as was his confession. But St. Patrick’s day isn’t.
I’m no more Irish than Patrick himself was, and while I have no problems with Ireland or the holiday, I have no interest in dressing in green (not flattering), messing about with representations of leprechauns (creepy little things), or eating corned beef and cabbage (doesn’t sound very good). Furthermore, I’m not a big fan of beer or of dying the Chicago River green, since it already is anyway. Besides, by this time I’m pretty tired of doing things about holidays. Let me know when July 4 is coming, and I’ll do something about that, maybe–but perhaps I spoke to soon, probably when I go to Meijer today I’ll find patriotic gift bags and firecracker-shaped candles confronting me.

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