“Better than Teti”

I have invented a new game, called “Better than Teti.” Teti is our cat. To play, I ask the other player (Andy, let’s say) which he likes better, Teti or some other entity, such as “toothbrushes” for example. He says “toothbrushes,” then I ask about something else, say “Grand Rapids, MI,” and he likes GR better than Teti but not as well as toothbrushes, and gradually I make up a list of his preferences.
Here is the outcome of yesterday’s game, listed in order of most to least preferred:
1. Used bookstores
2. Ice cream
3. French horns
4. Corn on the cob
5. Walking on the beach
6. 24
7. The moon
8. Office Depot
9. a Macintosh computer
10. Sand castles
11. Mountain Dew
12. San Diego
13. Eels
14. Lost
15. “Better than Teti”
16. the drawbridge in Grand Haven
17. Burger King
18. the Grand River
19. Sand in your shoes
20. the CRC
21. Teti
22. bananas
23. the Michigan left
24. $3.12 per gallon gas
25. Club Kordro (adjacent to the Best Western Park Plaza in Muskegon, MI)

2 Responses to ““Better than Teti””

  1. pcg says:

    Not to tell you anything you probably don’t already know, but you *probably* don’t want to leave Andy home alone with the cat… lest Teti end up, say, under “the drawbridge in Grand Haven”.
    Looking forward to the next installment of “Better than Teti”…

  2. Andy says:

    Now Peter, that’s not fair. I happen to love Teti… with salt and pepper.

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