bumper stickers are good for the soul

What is up with bumper stickers whose words are too small to read on the car in front of you while you’re trying to drive? They really annoy me, and I suspect are the cause of a number of fender-benders. Like lidless coffee, as President Palmer was warning me about just the other day.
Anyway, I saw one yesterday, and as best I could make it out read: “I’ve hunted nearly every day of my life, and every other day has been wasted.” At first I thought the second word was “hated,” but that doesn’t make sense, and I’d really prefer not to get involved in the thought process behind that if it was.
It’s not clear whether the guy was bragging or if this was some kind of self-analytical confessional device out there for all the world to see, meant as part of the healing process. Regardless, it got me thinking.
What, if anything, had I done nearly every day for say the past 10 years of my life, besides the typical eating, sleeping, tooth-brushing, etc.? After much soul-searching (well, as much as I could do in the next 3 minutes until I arrived at Meijer), I came up with two things:
1. Praying
2. Drinking Diet Coke
The mind reels. What, if anything, does this say about me? Should I talk to someone about this? Or maybe put it on a bumper sticker? It seems the positive message conveyed by the first item might be a little diluted by the second. Or maybe, just maybe, it would get people thinking about their own religious life. Or soft drink consumption habits. Or something. Never mind.

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