not too shabby, winter

We’ve had a weekend of heavy snowfall and “extreme cold,” as they say on tv (current temp: 0. There is no temperature!) I went out for a little walk, bundled up like I was going on a trek to the North Pole, to see what winter’s come up with for us.
It’s very white outside. Except for the fact that there were cars driving on them, you’d never know there were paved roads out there. Snow is about knee-deep, adorning evergreens, adhering to buildings, tree trunks, and pedestrians. In the park, the pond is frozen over and covered with snow, and the ducks have left for warmer climes. Snow was still falling, muffling all sounds and rendering shapes more than 100 feet away mere soft, pleasant smudges of their former selves.
It’s days like these that make me long for the life of a hermit, living in a small, warm cabin in the middle of the snowy woods. And yes, the cabin would be magically stocked with everything I need, so that I wouldn’t have to trek out to the store.

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