counting down

21 more days until the wedding. Time seems to be flying by these days. The pace of wedding planning has picked up a lot starting a week or two ago, and we’re working on getting all the final details into place: planning the ceremony, making final decisions on food, reserving a PA system so that our vows can be heard by all, and so forth. I’m still having a lot of fun with it though, and we are having a good time planning what we hope will be an enjoyable day for all of the guests. Here’s hoping the Nebraska weather cooperates!
In other news, Andy and I watched Ringu last weekend. I watched The Ring, the American version of the Japanese book and movie, a few weeks ago, and it was interesting to compare them. All of the scary parts come in the same place, so I wasn’t in quite as much suspense during Ringu. Overall, I liked Ringu better for some fairly minor reasons: in The Ring there was at least one eye-rolling moment which broke the tension of what should have been a very scary scene. In some ways I liked the back story of Ringu, which was quite different from the American one, in that it was less thoroughly investigated and explained and was thus creepier. However, some of the explanations in the American version were quite cool. I’m hoping to read the book some time.
Guess I’ll get back to the wedding planning. Today, I’ll be marking down who I know is coming so far, and working on a schedule of where everyone will be when. I am sooooo organized.

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