it had to happen sooner or later

This blog has been mostly free of cute cat stories up until now, and I’d say it’s due for one.
Yesterday I heard some scurrying around outside our sliding door, and went to check it out. A squirrel was climbing around on the two dead houseplants I keep out there (that makes it sound purposeful, doesn’t it), being closely watched by our cat Misty. The squirrel seemed to have figured out that Misty couldn’t get through that invisible glass barrier, and was now sitting inches away from her face, totally carefree.
Today, the squirrel seems to have taken things up a notch. I was sitting in the living room reading (school stuff, of course), and heard the familiar scurrying and saw Misty looking very intent, up on her cat perch. Next time I looked up, I saw a squirrel face peering in the window which is located in the wall perpendicular to the sliding door. Misty was sitting on the table under the window, and reached a tentative paw out toward the squirrel face. She knows that she can’t get outside, since an attempted pounce on the squirrel last summer resulted in her bouncing off the closed screen door in a very undignified fashion.
The squirrel, apparenlty having realized that Misty poses no threat, celebrated his new-found security by scrambling around all over the window screen and sliding door screen, and staring tauntingly in at both cats who were now riveted by his performance. I don’t know about him. Come warmer weather, I’ll be spending more time out on that patio and then we’ll see who’s boss.
I really need to get out more.

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