I have a cold. I think it’s on its way out now. But I’m still kind of sleepy and easily distracted which is why I’m writing this instead of studying.
The cats went in to the vet to have their teeth cleaned and more testing done yesterday. Fortunately most of our concerns proved unfounded, but they decided to take a sample of Teti’s skin to make sure she doesn’t have an autoimmune disorder. They shaved off a giant oval patch of fur from the back of her neck and shoulders and she has stitches where they took the samples–it looks just awful, but she shows no sign that she notices anything is different, which is kind of funny. They are getting antibiotics and pain medication now. The pain med is a gel which we have to rub on the insides of their ears, which is totally bizarre. Andy drove them back and forth yesterday since I was sick and slept most of the day. He says they showed him how to administer the pain meds using the “clinic cat,” who must be an incredibly mellow animal.

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  1. jrau says:

    The “clinic cat” was incredibly mellow. He sat there agreeably while the vet demonstrated how to use the medicine. It definitely looked like he had been through this routine many, many times before.
    I commented that the clinic cat seemed quite laid-back (contrasting his behavior to that of Misty and Teti whenever they need to be medicated, picked up, or petted), and she said that he was just happy to get to come out into the front room. Apparently that’s so exciting that it makes being a feline guinea pig worthwhile.

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