Adventures in medicine

Andy and I now both have colds, and they’re of the persistent variety that threaten to hang on into spring. As a result, Valentine’s weekend involved a lot of sitting around, staring into space. I guess if you have to spend a weekend that way, it’s better to share the experience with the one you love.
Misty and Teti are getting crabbier about taking their medicine. Teti caught me a good slash across the back of the hand yesterday, and she’s supposed to be the good cat. Misty is a little easier, since her method of avoiding the medicine is to push her head against me, looking up towards the ceiling with her mouth open. I don’t think she’s thought through that strategy too well. Today, I put Teti in a pillowcase to keep her claws away from my flesh. It worked pretty well and looked quite hilarious. I think it will be more difficult to get her into the pillowcase next time though; this time she seemed quite nonchalant about it. She’s usually a very agreeable cat, but she really hates that medicine.
Four more weeks–actually three and a half now–until exams.

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