this can’t be good

The blog entry written just for the sake of having written a blog entry–how can anything good come of this?
Today I went to the GVSU library to make some copies from a book which has managed to elude several weeks’ worth of attempts to get hold of it. GVSU is on spring break, so the campus was very quiet. I like campuses during break, they’re very peaceful. The GVSU library looks like a mini-Reg, a building which represents what I like to call the “hideous excrescence” school of architecture.
On the way back, I heard an interesting story on NPR about some Nazi saboteurs who landed in America in 1942. They were planning to blow up some aluminum factories, but the leader turned himself in. FDR created military tribunals to try the conspirators because he didn’t think civilian courts would give them the death penalty, and that’s the precedent for the Guantanamo Bay tribunals. The defense pursued the same line that G. Bay opponents are pursuing today, that the creation of such tribunals is unconstitutional. (Didn’t work for them, they were executed). Very interesting.
So that’s my day so far. Guess I’ll get back to work…

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