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I picked up the engagement photos yesterday, and they turned out great. We look really good, I must say–Dawn and Staci did a great job. I had a good visit with Dawn too. She and her husband have a beautiful house, and a number of pets with really great names. Pet naming is a tricky business, there’s a sort of peer pressure to come up with really creative and erudite names, but you can’t go too far with it. For example, Hawthorne is a cool cat name, while Wittgenstein might be a little pompous. But then again, it might not, it all depends on the pet owner. Each individual owner must have the self-knowledge to understand how esoteric a pet name he or she can pull off, and learn to accept their limitations. Of course the pet’s personality has to be taken into consideration too, and no matter how literary you want to seem to your friends, if your cat is a Misty you shouldn’t try to force her to be a Mehitabel.
One of the best cat names I have known is “Thurber”. Thurber was the employee of the month for many years at a used bookstore here in town, and he recently died at a ripe old cat age. He was a great bookstore cat–always monopolizing the best chairs, peering down at you from odd vantage points, and graciously allowing himself to be petted while rarely actually seeking out pets. He will be much missed.

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  1. alan says:

    Hmm, I wonder then how we did with my dog’s name. We named her after the great champion against slavery, Sojourner Truth. Both the dog and her namesake are known for their fiesty, fiery, take-no-prisoners approach to life. It also turns out that Soj’s naming was prescient in that she loves to, well, sojourn. What do you think? Did we overreach?
    It’s great that you have a blog, by the way. Unless you have complaints, I’m going to add you to the Elite List of Interesting Bloggers linked from my own site. Okay, they may not be elite or always interesting, but they’re people I know and like 🙂

  2. Ron says:

    Interesting that this topic came up. My cousin and his wife got into a bit of an arguement 2 days ago when he mentioned that their next dog’s name ought to be “Sm

  3. jrau says:

    When our family got most of our pets, my sister happened to be in elementary school or junior high. So all of our pets ended up getting named things like Buttercup, Honeycomb, and other inanities. Although we did have a series of pet lizards named after Sherlock Holmes characters. Those are good pet names.
    I would love to have a pet named Smeagol.

  4. Michele says:

    Alan, I think that any time a name starts fitting in ways you never intended or particularly wanted, that’s a good sign it’s the right name. Wow, I would love to be on the Elite List!
    I think that Smeagol is a very cool pet name. Personally, I could never pull it off, but if they’re cool enough for it then they should go with it.
    Yeah, I went through the sacchirine pet name phase, and wanted to rename our cat Kelly a lot of stuff like Candy and Sugar…Mom said no.

  5. pcg says:

    I think the one that works less than sweetener names or frou-frou junior high girl names are common human names. I just don’t think a dog named “Steve” or a cat named “Bob” works for me.
    For the record, we currently have Spartacus the cat and Deedee the dog (her brother was Dexter). Mom’s cat that we named is Moo-shu.

  6. michele says:

    These are all good names. Moo-shu reminds me of my friend’s mother’s two Shih Tzus, who were named Sushi and Sake–also good names. Another friend has a cat named Ahab, but since we frequently forget his name, he is often called Ahasuerus, Xerxes, Armageddon, or Euthanasia. I wouldn’t recommend any of these as actual names for pets.

  7. joel says:

    Cat names must start with a formal title. Mr., Dr., General, The Honorable, etc…
    Dogs are quite inferior, and therefore I don’t care what name a dog has.

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