It’s difficult to express in textual form my feelings about the fact that I will be away for 7 weeks this summer. It’s time to pay the piper for not having done any actual archaeology during my first 5 years of studying archaeology as a graduate student. I’ll be spending June and half of July at the site of Ashkelon in Israel, during what will probably be the site’s last season of excavation. The prospect probably would have seemed exciting when I was single, now I’m just upset about missing half the summer here with Andy. I’ll have to miss our first wedding anniversary and our good friends’ wedding, which makes me sad.
I’m hoping the time will pass quickly, and I’m pretty sure that they will keep me busy so I won’t have much time to brood. I still don’t have an answer to the all-important question of whether I”ll have internet access there. They spent a lot of words describing the kind of trowel I need to bring with me, but left out an important piece of info like that!

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