Only a couple more precious days of vacation before I must face up to Chicago and reality. I’m trying to get some non-school related books finished before I go back. I’m nearing the end of The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant–I bogged down after dragging through Schopenhauer last September–a combination of his depressing worldview and the beginning of classes made me stop. I’m now in Nietzsche, which is also rather depressing but much more outlandish, which makes for a more entertaining read. Oddly enough, a few months ago I was searching for some good marriage-related quotes to use in the wedding, and the best ones I could find come from him. Weird. I finished up the Higgins Clarks’ He Sees You When You’re Sleeping. The title sounds much more sinister than the actual story, but maybe I was just reading too much into it. I have a another philosophy one and another mystery after this, but doubt I’ll get them all done before classes start. During classes I usually only read children’s books (I mean books intended for children, I don’t actually steal children’s books), since I don’t feel like reading anything too challenging in addition to the school stuff. My favorite children’s series is the Trixie Belden books, which tend to be unfairly overshadowed by Nancy Drew.
We had a good Christmas. Church was on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day we opened gifts, ate a lot, and lounged around. Yesterday we toured the new community blood bank facility, which my mother’s cousin directs, and I donated blood for the first time in a while. Today we met my grandmother and uncle for lunch and I got to show off the engagement photos again. Heh, heh.
This entry’s title is for the benefit of my friend Jen, who is getting married four weeks after us, in case she is watching. Jen, I forgot to tell you about how Bridezilla suddenly showed up when I was in the paper shop the other day. That’ll be a fun story for another time.

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