On Friday Andy arrived at my temporary place of employment to pick me up, bringing with him a Jello and a broken car. The Jello was for the potluck/Bible study we were supposed to go to that night; the broken car was (probably) due to a faulty new alternator which was installed that day. Apparently Andy had a Bermuda Triangle experience while traveling down I-96, in which all the idiot lights blinked on one at a time, then began flashing in unison, while the electricity began flickering on and off. He barely made it to my TPOE’s parking lot before it died altogether. So we called AAA, which came promptly and delivered the car to the mechanic and us home. The Jello has lived a much more eventful life than most Jellos, having received a tour of the TPOE’s refrigerator and a ride in the tow truck, and is now being enjoyed by us instead of the potluckers while we’re waiting on tenterhooks to find out what the damage is this time.
In other news, the latest Netflix offerings have been Guys and Dolls and Mean Girls. This 1955 version of Guys and Dolls didn’t live up to my first experience with it, when performed at Lincoln, Nebraska’s Community Playhouse, but it was interesting to see Marlon Brando sing. Mean Girls was about what I expected. I’m a sucker for these teen revenge of the nerdy girls comedies.

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