recycling is good

I wrote this like two weeks ago and never posted it, for reasons which will soon be apparent to those of you who choose to read on. It’s like a recycled post, and recycling, as we all know, is indeed good.
Andy asked me yesterday why I preferred Mozilla as a web browser to Safari. Four main reasons: 1. Safari has no drop-down menu of recently visited sites, 2. it doesn’t automatically highlight the url when you click the thing to type something else, 3. when it decides to suggest a url it thinks you want based on what you’re typing, there’s no simple way to reject its selection, and finally 4. google has a separate little thing to type in up there. Not only do you have to think about where to go when you want to search something, but your search term just sits up there for all to read until you erase it. Yesterday, Andy laughed at me when he looked over my shoulder and saw I had been searching “butt portion ham shank.” It was advertised in Meijer, and I wanted to know what on earth it was. I had always thought ham was just ham, but turns out there’s a lot I don’t know. Focus!!!!!

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