“see you in hell, dinner plate”

Nothing very exciting is going on around here. We had to cancel a Michigan visit due to snow, so I spent the time mulling over wedding stuff. I think I may have over-mulled, though; I’ve driven myself nearly mad pondering china patterns and bridesmaid dress possibilities. I’ve attempted to foist off the dress decision on my matron of honor, and think I’ve finally come up with a china solution. Nobody seems to like cobalt blue anything these days; it’s all freaky mint greens and lavendars. I think it might be the Trading Spaces effect.
It’s cooolllld outside. The ancient steam radiators in my apartment are keeping the place a temperate 79 degrees inside though. The temp isn’t by my choice, I don’t have control over the radiator level, but I am enjoying it.

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  1. alan says:

    The whole registering-for-fine-china thing freaked me out on a couple of levels. I’m with you in the opinion that the colour/pattern whims of most of the planet appear to be blowing in a different direction than my own flawless tastes. Lime green and lavender? Sounds like something I spewed up last month. Ugh. It can take a long time (as you now know) to find a decent design that is both palatable yet still “china.” All you want are nice dishes, not to sell out your individuality.
    My brain also reeled at the idea that I was actually asking people to buy me this stuff, when a single salad plate could buy groceries for two weeks. But people told me “just register for it.” They were right. There are occasions where china is the perfect touch to tell guests (or a spouse!) that this is not just *any* meal. Yet who among us could go out now and buy china for themselves?

  2. pcg says:

    heh, the “this is not just *any* meal” touch around here means matching silverware or paper plates that have only been used once. 😉

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