the final countdown

One week left here. What have I been doing since my last post? What haven’t I been doing? I taught the last of the English classes to the children of Fevzipasha. It turned out to be a hoot. I brought along a Box of Props which helped a lot. I stole a cup, spoon, and fork (no plate, cause they’re breakable), and we talked about different kinds of foods. I also had a ball and we did roll, throw, catch, and kick; and wound up with a rousing game of “sit down, stand up, walk, RUN!” This was all very popular as we had mostly boys who love to play soccer, but the girls seemed into it too.
I’ve been deemed healthy enough to return to the field, and have finally experienced the joys of the Total Station. Carrying the pole brought me into close quarters with some cows who were tethered grazing at the bottom of the tell, and also through what turned out to be some rather deep hay that I waded through. I’ve also taken many points with the mechanism itself, which will hopefully turn out to yield a useful topographic map.
Yesterday we had another giant, epic road trip. We visited the sites of Tilmen Huyuk, where an Italian team is excavating the Middle-Late Bronze city; and to Yesemek, which was a site where basalt stone was quarried and roughed out to create the portal lions, sphinxes, and reliefs for surrounding cities. At Yesemek a bunch of artists were there, there’s an ongoing project where they create sculptures out of local basalt inspired by the ancient art. Pretty cool!
Then we met up with the mayor and his wife and bodyguard there. The bodyguard presented the girls of the group with jewelry made by villagers from modern Yesemek. He gave me a pair of earrings, which means I’ll just have to get my ears pierced, I guess. I don’t even know where one goes to get ones’ ears pierced these days. Anyone have any ideas?
Then we all went to a beach on the Mediterranean, and had a very late lunch of hamburgers and sandwiches with “sujuk”, or garlic sausage (which was the subject of the first dialogue in my “Teach Yourself Turkish” book. It’s better than it sounds). Then I waded along the shore while those with swimsuits frolicked in the water.
Then we went to a fish restaurant and had assorted Turkish appetizers, some extremely delicious calimari and shrimp, and fish. After getting lost in the nearby town of Iskenderun for a bit, we made our way home around midnight. We were very tired but surprisingly didn’t have too much trouble getting up for work today–we’re getting hardened to this, I guess.
It sounds like I might be able to spend some time visiting museums in Istanbul before heading back home–will keep you updated!

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  1. kim says:

    Every mall has a stand or jewelry store where you can get your ears pierced. You probably haven’t noticed one in years since they’re geared toward teen and pre-teen girls (I know I generally tend to avoid teen places like the plague).

  2. michele says:

    You’re right, I remember those from when I was younger but haven’t noticed them in decades. I must have developed a blindspot for teen-oriented goods and services.

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