summer begins with a splash

Today we were enjoying lunch at Qdoba with some friends when Andy got a call from our apartment complex. Apparently there had been a water leak in our living room. We returned to find something like this:


Long-time readers will recall that our apartment experienced multiple floods back in the Summer of ’03. It’s been fairly dry around here since then, but now it’s sprinkler season and apparently whoever installed the water pipes to the outdoor faucets did a pretty flimsy job, since that was the cause of one of our earlier floods too.
Happily, all of our stuff was already moved away from the flood area by the time we returned home, and it appears someone has been here to suck the water out of the carpet this afternoon too. We have a few sodden items and are worrying about how we’re going to be able to view the Lost season finale this evening, but other than that, things appear to be drying out once again.
update: a few minutes after posting, this big fan was brought in to help dissipate the remaining water from the carpet:


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