we’re married!

We’re back home and working on settling down to real life. The wedding was perfect, thanks to our families and wedding parties. Soon I’ll write more about it, but now suffice to say that it was a beautiful day–I got to marry my best friend and love of my life, and all day we were surrounded by our family and friends. It was great to see people that we don’t get to see very often–people need to keep getting married so that we can all get together once in a while!
The day started off on a rather silly note. I couldn’t sleep the night before the wedding, and at about six a.m. I started writing out a detailed list of instructions complete with a diagram of the amphitheater indicating where the decorations should go. After having handed over my crazy scrawlings to my amazing bridesmaids, however, our wedding party and families took over and everything fell into place. Andy and I met for a few minutes before pictures, which was very cool. We did the pictures before the ceremony which was really nice, because that was the last item of work to take care of (except the cleanup after it was all over–thanks guys), after that we could relax and enjoy the proceedings. The ceremony went perfectly, better than I could have envisioned it, and even the Nebraska weather cooperated–the day before it was 90 degrees and the day after it rained, but the day of the wedding was sunny, in the 70s, and breezy. The reception was lots of fun. Somehow, somebody with hitherto unsuspected magical powers apparently spirited the decorations and PA system from the amphitheater to Mallet Lodge while I was up front getting hugged by dozens of people. The food was good, and nobody seemed to be too scared by our choice of buffalo as one of the lunch options. We even got to eat at our own wedding! I think the cake was good too, though I only got the one little bit. We decided to serve the cake ourselves so we could greet everyone again, and that turned out to be a lot of fun though the cake pieces we produced were not exactly uniform. Oh well.
Our honeymoon in Colorado was lovely. We stayed in a cabin between Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. We went for a few short hikes around the park, drove up Trail Ridge Road, and experienced lots of interesting weather which included sun, rain, and snow. Fall River ran right behind our cabin, and elk appeared several times grazing and napping on our lawn. It’s great to be in our own apartment now, and we are bracing ourselves for post-wedding tasks-thank-yous, photo-related decisions, and so forth.

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