While much of the nation is gripped by drought, our little apartment seems to be getting much more than its share of the wet stuff. Last week I was surprised by a flood in the back bathroom–naturally, beginning in the closet where we keep the cat stuff. Nothing like the odor of damp litter and Iams. Fortunately, maintenance cleared up that little problem in short order. Then last weekend I found a sodden spot in the middle of the carpeted computer room floor. Yuck. The water appeared to be coming from the closet where all of Andy’s board games were stored. I hauled all of those out and found a wet carpet, mildew on the closet walls, and a moist “Axis and Allies: Europe” box. The rest of the weekend was spent moving furniture (the carpet on the living-room side of the wall was wet too) and trying to contact somebody, anybody, from maintenance. They put in an appearance on Monday and did something to the air conditioner which I’m hoping fixed the problem, and sprayed some sort of mildew killer on the wet carpet and walls (they promised it was non-toxic, and neither we nor the cats have suffered any ill effects yet.) I’m glad the humidity has gone down around here finally–I was starting to think I should try growing gills.
Anyhow, the carpet is drying out nicely and I’m hoping for a few event-free weeks to recover from all the excitement. Incidentally, we had a good July 4th–watched the Grand Rapids official fireworks from the Bridge Street Bridge with the Pikkaarts. Very fun!

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  1. kdieterc says:

    Aagh – not a moist A&A box! Good thing I have my copy of Rail Baron on the highest shelf in the house.
    So good to see you two doing well in marriage – it pleases me right down to my toes. Thanks for the thank you card; I _promise_ we are sending a gift soon, by the way – just need to settle on which Tarzhay supplies to order.
    Hope to see you when you come to Chicago 😉

  2. pcg says:

    Whoa, THAT was weird. I was thinking the very same thing as the previous poster re: Axis and Allies. (Except you spelled “Waaaug” wrong.)

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