I must think of something to say

Perhaps that would be a good new blog name? Things have been going swimmingly lately. The weather is good and I can sit outside and “read” for exams (otherwise known as staring into space, looking at the cat, listening to the neighbor kids, etc.). Studying is going pretty well actually. I’m re-reading some stuff that I previously read for class, including “The Politics of Ancient Israel” by Norman Gottwald and “Reading the Old Testament: An Intoduction” by Lawrence Boadt. I’ve also been compiling bibliographies on archaeological sites and looking for summaries of their histories online, to avoid having to wade through multivolume excavation reports to get the info. In our spare time we are getting the apartment in order after our various floods of the past couple of weeks, and staring down the barrel of the last of the wedding thank-you notes. I have various other projects I need to get back to, like scanning wedding pictures and such, which I’ll probably address this weekend.
It feels good to share all of this information with the world.

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