my birthday present (insert your own Gollum joke)

My birthday occurred a few weeks ago, and for it I got a new computer–a Macintosh! I haven’t used a Macintosh since 1995, when I used to borrow my neighbor’s old boxy type one to check my email and read X-Files fanfic (my senior year in college was notably lacking in riotousness). Before that, I used one for my high school newspaper, when it would frequently make whatever story I was writing disappear just before it was due.
The Mac and I are getting along much better these days though. I still had Windows 95 on my old computer, which was getting to be a nightmare–none of the newer versions of the applications would run on it, many things just weren’t working any more, and it crashed more than I would have liked. So pretty much any computer would have been an improvement, but I’m really enjoying the Mac. I’m getting used to the commands and am having fun exploring some of the new programs. It’s so nice having a new version of Word to work with for school–my old one was getting very quirky.
So it is a pretty terrific present, and makes school work much more efficient and fun. It also makes web surfing more efficient and fun, though, so school work still has some competition.

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  1. joel leo says:

    What kind of mac did you get? Imac, G4 what kind, Im a mac user too.

  2. michele says:

    my husband, who got it for me, tells me that it’s a (slightly older) G4 with OS X.

  3. KDC says:

    My folks got us a computer for my graduation (my first computer ever, in fact) and it’s an eMac, presumably with G4 since it’s just a few months old. With the teacher discount and printer/scanner rebate, wasn’t much more expensive than a Windows machine, and now I can use UNIX prompts to my heart’s content.

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