Our little corner of the world

I’ve returned from what will probably be my last multi-day visit with Andy for a while, which is kind of depressing. Classes start tomorrow, and Chicago is lapsing into its damp, grubby, winter mode, when the sky, buildings, and streets take on a uniform steel gray shade and Christmas decorations either disappear or take on a dismal neglected look. However, I like my atmospheres bleak, and I’m still feeling pretty upbeat. After all, this is the year I’m going to get married, leave Chicago, and move to fabulous western Michigan, which gives me a lot of reasons to stay positive.
Andy and I watched Donnie Darko this weekend, and it was very good. Andy and I discussed it for quite a while but didn’t come up with a totally coherent theory, but I’m leaning toward thinking that the movie wasn’t supposed to make total sense. There are a lot of elements of different things going on, but the movie as a whole is supposed to represent the “whole gamut of human emotions,” so that while nothing is totally clear-cut or reasonable, it is still possible for Donnie to be able to make a decision about what to do at the end, and somehow it’s the right decision. But, I’ll have to do some more reading about it, and probably find out I’m totally wrong.
The title refers to my new Gilmore Girls soundtrack, which I’m listening to now. It has a lot of different music that I don’t know anything about on it, but it’s very enjoyable.

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