in the mood

No, I’m not randomly naming Glenn Miller songs, not today anyway. I’m trying to get in the mood for fall. Fall is really my favorite season, but we all know what it leads to, and the memories of last winter are still too fresh in my mind to be looking forward to the next one.
In Nebraska, where I’m from, we only really have two seasons, summer and winter, which last six months each. Spring consists of about seven days, which don’t come consecutively but are scattered throughout the months of February-May. Fall runs along similar lines. Here in Michigan, there is a distinct spring and fall, but winter still lasts for six months, which compresses summer into two or three. And that summer isn’t always hot enough to make you genuinely suffer and begin to long for the frozen wastelands of January.
This year, we had summer in July and again in September, but it just wasn’t miserable enough to make me truly appreciate the crisp fresh air and mega-blue skies that have recently made their appearance. Much as I like the colors of fall, I’m already missing the green leaves of summer, even though I can still see them right outside my window.
As usual, the retail stores aren’t helping. I should just stay out of them altogether in the months of July-October. I don’t want to think about back-to school in July, Halloween in August, and Christmas…yesterday, when I saw Christmas cards out at Schuler. Nobody does. I assume people buy all of this stuff, or the stores wouldn’t put it out, but I for one refuse to participate in all this holiday inflation.
But, it is legitimately Fall now, so I might as well try to accept it. It could be worse…it was 104 degrees in my hometown like a week ago. I’d definitely take Fall over that.

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  1. kim says:

    It might cheer you up to think that at least you don’t live in VT, where in addition to the standard spring, summer, fall, and winter, we have a fifth season – MUD season.

  2. michele says:

    hmmm..yeah, a season called Mud is probably as much fun as it sounds…

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