All Hallow’s Eve

Happy Halloween! I just got back from the store, where I was attempting to buy, among other things, Halloween candy. Cause, today is Halloween, you see. I was successful, but most of the Hallowwen candy had already been moved out & the Christmas stuff was coming in. There were also some pink M&Ms available, they were promoting breast cancer awareness. But for a second I got confused and thought the retail Christmas season was already over and we were into Valentine’s Day.
Creepy occurrence for the day: I was in the car and noticed that an almost-empty bottle of Gatorade had mysteriously appeared on the floor on the passenger’s side. But the creepy part was that although the label said Lemonade, the liquid inside was pink. aaaaa!
That would be the sort of dopey manifestation I would get: almost-empty Gatorade bottles.
Totally random: I recently learned that there is a purse in this world which costs–get this–$18,500. Yes, $18,500. It’s from shady-sounding outfit called Hermes. I suppose it might be a tad better-made than my purse, but to get the same cost-use ratio as mine, you would have to carry this purse for 3,080 years. Of course, one would do well to remember, when considering such a purchase, that styles can change somewhat in 3000 years.

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  1. KDC says:

    That’s the shady outfit that wouldn’t let Oprah in after the store was closed. Shocking!

  2. JAJA says:


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