Okay, it’s been in the 20s or 30s and snowing for almost a full week now. It’s April!!! For crying out loud. The daffodils are all leaned over, depressed, burying their faces in the ground and wondering “Why do I even bother?”. The snow isn’t those big, puffy flakes that tell you it’s really spring despite the white stuff, they’re regular little winter flakes. And the cold isn’t fooling around. Back in March when it was still chilly, I kept telling Andy, “But it doesn’t have that biting feeling that winter does. The air feels mellower.” Andy didn’t seem to buy it then, but even I can’t keep lying to myself now. It’s cold. I pulled hats, gloves, and so forth back out of the closet, but just keep putting them away after each usage (not my usual habit, those of you who hold an image of me in your hearts as a tidy housekeeper may be surprised to learn), thinking maybe tomorrow I won’t need them. I actually had to scrape ice off my windshield the other day. Ice! Off my windshield! In April! It’s an outrage!
Actually, I moved to GR during an ice storm just four years ago, but the occasional ice storm is one thing. Snow on the ground for days and days is quite another.
The furnace is burning up the bucks. Garage sales are being canceled. Winter storm warning advisories are being issued. Web sites are advising me to go skiing. This is just beyond the pale, even for midwestern weather fans like me. Boo!

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  1. michele says:

    Oops, I accidentally deleted a post while deleting spam! Sorry, Ken, I appreciate the comment, and am looking forward to the return of warm weather too.

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