She’s Got Dreams

That was the tagline from one of the “school notebooks” which we bought in Turkey for archaeological notes of various kinds. It featured a picture of a young woman with a contemplative expression, whose “dreams” must have involved a boat in some way since there was a picture of that too. I personally have a School Notebook emblazoned with the phrase “Gooses in World” and pictures of some actual gooses, along with a lot of random, non-goose-related visual effects. Someday I’ll scan them and put them up here, but my goal today is to talk about some pregnancy-related phenomena I’ve been experiencing, including lots of dreams.

Apparently, pregnant women dream a lot. Because they don’t sleep as soundly? I don’t know, but in my week to week baby journal there’s a separate section for “dreams” each week. Not all that many of my dreams are baby-related, though I am pregnant in a lot of them.

The best one was early on, and it featured Andy and me visiting a tower by a river which had been built by some old eccentric. The tower was in too bad condition too climb up, so to visit it there were flying chairs–chairs you sat in and could fly around in! That was awesome.

The rest of my dreams aren’t all that interesting. The other morning I woke up feeling completely freaked out and not knowing why, until I remembered I’d just been dreaming I was staying at a farmhouse with a relative who was apparently slowly becoming schizophrenic. Disturbing.

I also dreamed I drank a Diet Coke one night, a treat I haven’t had since learning I was pregnant. It was incredibly delicious.

In other news, the other day I was trying to tie a sweater around my waist and found I no longer have one. A waist, that is–the pregnancy hasn’t affected my sweater collection. It also hasn’t affected the fact that I live in Michigan, which is why I needed to take a sweater with me in June.

2 Responses to “She’s Got Dreams”

  1. kim says:

    I would guess that pregnant women dream as much as anyone else, but because you don’t sleep as soundly, you remember your dreams more. And, really, one Diet Coke won’t hurt your baby a bit – treat yourself! Motherhood and self-denial go hand in hand for a loooong time, so don’t be any more ascetic than you need to be. 🙂

  2. michele says:

    I have finally had a Diet Coke or two lately–they were great, and the baby didn’t seem to mind.

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