Live from Comstock Park–it’s me!

Okay, so that’s not one of the better candidates for a new blog name. We moved me in amidst the ice storm last week, and now I’m working on getting settled. The cats seem to love all the new space. It’s extremely quiet in this apartment, and it gets dark at night and I can see stars in the sky. Guess I’ll just have to adjust.

3 Responses to “Live from Comstock Park–it’s me!”

  1. alan says:

    What a lousy day to have to move! Did you lose power during the process as well?

  2. michele says:

    No, fortunately we had power the entire time. I enjoyed your notes and pictures on the storm on your blog. It was certainly pretty, if inconvenient!

  3. pcg says:

    Pictures! Pictures!

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