Andy is due home from GenCon in a few hours, I’m looking forward to hearing about it. It’s been a dull weekend without him. I opted to clean and reorganize the closets (we decided to put nonperishables in the dampness-prone closet due to the fact that the leakages appear to be with us for the forseeable future, more on this below). The weather has been looking like rain all weekend without actually raining, so I decided not to make any pilgrimages outside until church this morning.
Last weekend, we had a wet carpet again, though fortunately not the swamp we had over the July 4th weekend. I called the office on Monday and Maintenance came by that afternoon. I asked what caused the leaks, and he said a pipe that ran through the two apartments above us down to us got clogged and the water couldn’t get through, so it leaked. I asked if there was anything we could do to prevent this, and he said not really. I asked if this meant we’d have a wet carpet every two weeks, and he said “hopefully not.” Great.
So after they left I turned on the a/c, since it was rather humid out and I wanted to dry the air out a bit in here so the carpet would dry faster. The carpet seemed to be getting wetter, so I turned it off and called the office again. The woman said she’d have Maintenance come by before they left for the day–as far as I know, they haven’t been here yet. On Thursday I took a letter over to the office about the mildew we discovered (which our lease says we are supposed to do), and describing our wet carpet experiences so far, and requesting that the pipe be periodically checked and unclogged in order to prevent future wet carpets. Andy got a call while I was out. It sounded like the problem was actually fixable–what the maintenance guy had said implied it wasn’t–and they said Maintenanace would be by that day or the next, and someone would be by to check on the mildew and wetness situation the next day. A guy came by to check for wetness and spray for mildew on Friday, but so far Maintenance has apparently not graced us with their presence yet.
Today I turned on the a/c–I thought maybe they’d fixed it while I was out, and I wanted to see if it actually did leak. It does. Yuck.
So tomorrow, more tangling with the office. Or maybe I’ll think of it as tango-ing–sounds like more fun.
This is long and boring, but I don’t care. This whole leak thing has been long and boring too. Ah well, soon Andy will be home to regale me with tales of GenCon.

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