Happy New Year!

Let’s see…back before the cat stuff, the gaming, the church stuff, the pity party, and the digressions, there was the holidays. New Year’s was quite fun this year, especially in comparison to other New Yearses I’ve experienced. One year, some time in the mid-nineties, we had gathered at a friend’s house to celebrate New Year’s. We were expecting another friend to come by after work, but she never showed up. We got really worried about her (I worry about people when I don’t know where they are), so another friend and I decided to go look for her. We drove past her place of employment and she didn’t seem to be there, so we went on to her house. We didn’t want to freak out her mother if it turned out she wasn’t home, so we tried to sneak up to the house to see if the light was on in her room (her room was in the basement, so we had to get pretty close to the house to see). Unfortunately, her mother noticed two suspicious figures creeping up to the house, and called “who’s there” tremulously out the front door. We admitted it was us, and tried to figure out whether her daughter was home without actually asking. Fortunately, she was. Another co-worker had wanted to go rent a movie after work but couldn’t decide on one, so she was stuck staring at a copy of Prizzi’s Honor as the new year came in. I don’t know, New Year’s just isn’t my holiday.
But this year it was good. We spent it with some friends who made dinner for us, followed by a game of Settlers of Catan (not the time I won–the New Year’s curse no doubt).
Before that was Christmas, which was very relaxing. Andy and I opened presents and had a very enjoyable day. Presents were very multimedia this year–several DVDs including Indiana Jones, Mr. Bean, The Tick (the live action one), The Matrix Reloaded; also Game Cube games and books. The cats got canned food which seemed to make their day.
Instead of an advent wreath, church had different windows from houses attached around the sanctuary with candles in them; and a picture of Salvador Dali’s “girl at a window” (I forget the exact name). It was quite cool. I looked through a Salvador Dali book at Schuler’s the other day. Most of the pictures in the book wouldn’t be suitable for church.

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